2016 St. Louis Ultimate Association Fall Wednesday Night League


  • Time: Wednesdays between 7:00 and 8:30.  10 weeks
  • Place: Brentwood Park.
  • Cost: $40 for USAU members, $56.50 for nonmembers.
  • Gender Ratio: None / depends on number of women who sign up.
  • 4 team league.   Will play two - 5 week sessions with a redraft in the middle.
  • First event: September 28.
  • Register HERE
  • Rosters 2016 Wednesday Fall night league rosters.
  • Schedule 2016 Wednesday fall league schedule

2015 St. Louis Ultimate Association Saturday Fall League

  • Time: Saturdays between noon and 4 through early December.
  • Place: Langenberg Field, Forest Park.
  • Cost: $40 for USAU members, $55 for nonmembers.
  • Specials: Two hat draws included in price! Five Ultimate Jerseys!
  • Gender Ratio: 5 men, 2 women. 5 men maximum will be enforced during winner's bracket playoff games.
  • Teams will be determined by algorithm that guarantees each player gets AT LEAST one player that they baggage. The algorithm will then try to maximize the number of baggage requests granted while keeping the teams from becoming too ridiculous. Based on feedback from last year, I am changing the parameters a little to encourage the algorithm to grant some more baggage at the expense of more evenly paired teams. But, the only guarantee I am giving is that you will be on the same team as at least one person that you baggage. If you want to sign up as a team (at least 4 women and at least 10 men), e-mail me the list of players on your team and unless it is way too stacked, I'll just put you all on a team.
  • First event: August 29 Hat Draw!!!
  • Register HERE
  • Schedule HERE



2014 St. Louis Ultimate Association Fall League




-Season starts Sept 2nd.

-League is limited to the first 96 players. 16 x 6. 
-Games will be on Tuesday night in Brentwood park (9100 Russell Ave, Brentwood, MO 63144)
-League will be on Tuesday nights with games starting anywhere from 6:30pm to 9pm at the latest.
-This is an open league so no enforced gender ratio but women will be distributed evenly and teams should match if they can.
-The league will consist of two 5-week round robin seasons. No playoffs. Winner is decided via best record.

-Cost is $40 for USAU members and $52.50 for non members.



Congratulations to Bill Cosby, Fall League 2013 Champs.


2013 St. Louis Ultimate Association Fall League





o Highlights for 2013:

  1. Preseason hat draw tourney. Meet new people before finalizing your baggage.
  2. Five men maximum on the field at all times.
  3. All players receive wicking t-shirts. No discs this year.
  4. Two hat draws included in the price!
  5.  League fees must be paid in order for a player to be on a team.  You will not be on a team if you are not one of the first people to pay.  Payment may not be made on the first day of league.



Fall League Details


Jefferson Barracks




$33 for current USAU members

$43 for non-UPA members

Team Selection:

Individuals and requested cores will be assembled by league administrator (It's recommended cores be kept to less than 6, but exceptions will be made for good-spirited groups!  All requests at administrator's discretion! Cores larger than 4 must have women.)


Team Manager Duties:

Review team rosters before finalization

E-mail teammates with Updates

Ensure all waivers are collected

Liaison with SLUA (scores, etc)

Male:Female Ratio

5 men maximum on the field at all times.

Walk-on Players:


Age Restriction:

Players must be at least 15 years of age by 15th of August, 2013.

      Extras TBD

Extra Games



Map to Fields

View SLUA Fall League 2010, Jefferson Barracks Park in a larger map

2013 Fall League

o Registration will close at Midnight on Thursday September 5, or when the league fills up, which ever is sooner. Last year, we turned people away --- get your payments in early!  Late registration will require a $5 extra fee, to cover additional costs of printing shirts.

o Play will be Saturday afternoons at Jefferson Barracks, with first pulls at noon and 2pm.

o Games played to 15 points OR as agreed by the Team Managers prior to the game.

o Volunteers are needed to serve as Team Managers, whose responsibilities will be to help manage rosters, notify teammates of game schedules, report scores, and act as liaison with SLUA.

o Assuming we have 8 teams, there will be a round-robin with one double header per team for 6 weeks.  After round-robin, we will play 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6 and 7 vs 8 for final seeding in playoffs.  Tie-breakers: Two teams: head to head WL.  Three or more teams: 1 - record among teams that are tied.  2 - point differential among teams that are tied.  3 - league point differential.  4 - straws.  When best team is determined, we will start over with tiebreaker 1 for remaining teams.  Playoffs will be standard single-elimination 8 team bracket and we will play out to place, so all teams guaranteed 3 playoff games.

o All questions and comments can be directed to Darrin Speegle, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Beginners and crusty, dusty veterans welcome!!  Recruit friends to join you!!

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